Practice Areas


Insurance Defense

We handle all forms of tort litigation for insurers with a variety of policies, including commercial automobile, comprehensive general liability, municipal liability, product liability, toxic tort, transportation, and homeowners.
For examples of a few of our defense verdicts in various areas of tort law, visit our Successes page.

Construction Workplace Litigation

Acker & Whipple attorneys are prepared to address legal issues which frequently arise in construction-related matters. We are experienced in representing owners, construction managers, contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, and their employees. Our attorneys are prepared to handle all claims and lawsuits and settle issues by means of arbitration, mediation or litigation. The firm’s attorneys have been involved in lawsuits on projects ranging from major commercial construction projects, to residential developments, to more modest projects.

Trucking Accident Liability

Acker & Whipple attorneys have a successful history in the defense of trucking matters. We defend against catastrophic injury and wrongful death claims. Acker & Whipple assists our clients in every step of the claim investigation and resolution from scene investigation at the time of the accident to locating witnesses to obtaining the right expert in various fields such as accident reconstruction and biomechanics. We are proud, active members of the Trucking Industry Defense Association (TIDA) and stay abreast of new developments affecting the defense of trucking claims. While our goal is effective case resolution in a cost-effective matter, our attorneys understand that our clients’ may also have big picture business concerns which affect litigation decisions and respect unconventional strategies when appropriate.

Product Liability

Acker & Whipple has successfully represented manufacturers, large and small, in a wide variety of lawsuits. Our attorneys have defended distributors and sellers, as well, in personal injury and property damage cases involving alleged defects in design and manufacture and insufficient warnings. The firm has successfully handled complex, multi-party litigation involving alleged harmful exposure to asbestos, cases involving catastrophic or fatal injuries allegedly caused by construction materials and equipment, automotive equipment, and recreational products, as well as cases involving household and personal items. Acker & Whipple, while always mindful to maintain a cost-effective approach, is proud of it success record in product liability litigation and case resolution.

We have obtained defense verdicts in a wide variety of cases, including those involving an electric gate, a boat trailer, a grease lubrication hose, the regulator and operating controls of a cement pump, and a tennis shoe. In a case involving an alleged overheated truck brake and defective truck tire, the jury chose to award plaintiff only 1% of its demand. For more detail on examples of our product liability defense verdicts, visit our Successes page.

Municipal Liability

Acker & Whipple attorneys have defended various counties, cities, school districts, and, governmental agencies in lawsuits ranging from failure to necessary services to negligent underground construction. We also represent private entities hired by municipalities in a variety of claims.

Appellate Matters

Acker & Whipple attorneys understand that the issues considered by appellate courts are frequently far different from those considered by a trial court. Yet a first-hand level of familiarity with the underlying trial and case is invaluable in defending a matter on appeal, which is why Acker & Whipple has been successful in defending its own trial court level successes on appeal. Acker & Whipple attorneys understand that appellate issues require a specialized approach developed after a thorough examination of the law, the facts of the particular case, and the philosophies of the court considering the appeal.

Securities Broker Dealer Law

The firm has defended NASD member firms and their personnel against claims of lack of suitability and unauthorized trading in customer accounts and represented customers of stock brokerages in claims for misuse of customer funds and elder financial abuse.